A Trader Shares How He Made Half a Million Trading Bitcoin with This AI Trading Bot

A Trader Shares How He Made Half a Million Trading Bitcoin with This AI Trading Bot

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The cryptocurrency arena offers the potential for huge returns. But, with frequent periods of off-the-charts volatility, risks are sky-high, and making money consistently presents a massive challenge, even for the most experienced crypto traders.

However, Omar, a UK urban planner who is a self-confessed crypto newbie, has found a way to do just that. His solution for consistent crypto trading profits is a free AI trading bot called AlgosOne, which hit the market late last year but has remained mostly under the radar.  

Omar claims, “I kept hearing about people making fortunes trading Bitcoin and Dogecoin, but I had no idea where to begin. I found that most of the trading platforms I checked out had complicated charts and analysis tools that I didn’t understand. I’m a smart, educated guy, but I was totally intimidated by it all and completely overwhelmed.”


Diving In

Around September of last year, Omar came across AlgosOne, which promises to make generating a profit from crypto an option for anyone, even if they have no market knowledge. The platform doesn’t require coding, strategy building, or risk management. Users just sign up, deposit funds, and then track their portfolio growth in their dashboard.  

Explaining what drew him to the platform, he said, “I loved the idea that I didn’t have to learn how to analyze a load of data or make my own trades.” He went on, “I got on with my day job, knowing that AlgosOne was doing it all for me.”

According to the AlgosOne website, the trading system uses advanced machine learning algorithms and the latest generative AI tools to process a tonne of data from a massive selection of sources in multiple languages. With each new dataset and every trade it executes, it learns from experience, improving the accuracy of its market predictions.

Being Cautious

Hesitant to hand over his savings to a machine and understandably wary of scams, Omar decided to do some digging and see what kind of security measures were in place to protect his capital. He was reassured by a few key factors:

“Firstly, what really put me at ease was the fact that AlgosOne is a licensed, financial services provider, which means there is a level of accountability as they are a registered and authorised company. They also have a reserve fund, which provides coverage for client account balances in case anything suddenly happens to the company or to the financial markets.”

Something else that tipped the scales for Omar was the fact that there is always a human being on hand to take the wheel if necessary. In addition to live support available round the clock, there are also experienced risk management teams tracking the markets and the AI’s trades 24/7 to monitor for bad calls due to bias, low-quality data, or black swan events.  

“AlgosOne offers a great combination of human judgement and cutting-edge technology, and while responsible risk management is clearly prioritised, so are profits, and they are next-level.”  

Making Money

AgosOne trades cryptocurrencies as well as a range of other asset types with a trade success rate that is yet to be beaten by any competitor. The deep-learning algorithms are able to adapt to ever-shifting market conditions to achieve, on average, an 80% win ratio.

In addition, risk is tightly managed, so even in a scenario where for a brief period, the win-loss ratio was just 50%, the account would still be in the black since higher sums are allocated to high-probability trades and lower sums to those with greater exposure. 

A major plus, according to Omar, is that there are no surprises. At each trading level, there is an expected profit percentage range, e.g., 40%-55% or 60%-80%. The more you deposit, the higher the level and the larger the projected profit bracket.

“ The great thing is you know exactly what to expect, and they don’t disappoint. AlgosOne didn’t just hit my projected profit target they shot past it.”

Omar points to the amazingly competitive fee structure as another major benefit of the AlgosOne platform.

“Unlike so many other platforms I checked out, AlgosOne doesn’t swallow up your investment with trading fees. There are no monthly or annual subscription charges. Also, there are no deposit or transaction fees, meaning you aren’t paying out every time a trade is executed. The one fee they have is a commission, which is only charged on trades that made a profit.”

The commission charged on winning trades is 20%. Losing trades aren’t charged any commission and on these positions, the user can receive partial compensation, with a percentage of the original investment being credited back to their account. 

While so many inexperienced newcomers have lived to regret trying to make a profit from crypto market volatility AlgosOne has given Omar a safe place to invest with a consistent, sizable return and he’s Omar is excited to see where AlgosOne takes his portfolio next.

“AlgosOne is like no other platform out there. It’s using AI to make smart profitable decisions that allow absolutely anyone to make money from trading. I can’t recommend it strongly enough!”To try out the AlgosOne 14-day commitment-free trial for yourself, just click here.


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