Adobe Unveils New Firefly Gallery To Inspire The Creative Community

Adobe Unveils New Firefly Gallery To Inspire The Creative Community

For beginners, navigating generative AI image generators can be a bewildering journey, and even seasoned creators might not fully grasp the immense potential and capabilities that generative AI holds.

Adobe hopes to spark creativity with the launch of its new Firefly Community Gallery today. The gallery will provide a platform for Firefly users across the globe to easily submit and share their AI-powered generative art, images, videos and other projects.

Unlike Adobe’s previous community page where the company uploaded creator projects, the new Community Gallery will serve as a real-time feed in which creators can upload their own work and save and share creations with others.

The experience is very similar to what users are familiar with on Behance, the creative community and portfolio platform acquired by Adobe back in 2012. Under the leadership of Scott Belsky, one of Behance’s founders and now Adobe’s Chief Strategy Officer, the site has flourished into an indispensable resource for over 50 million members.


Firefly users will be able to see what other creatives are making with the generative AI tool and use their work as a starting point for their own creations.

As generative AI advances and gains popularity, an emerging trend is for creators to leverage AI prompts crafted by leading prompt engineers. These expertly designed prompts not only yield superior results but also economize on time and API expenses.

Although there are independent sites providing prompts for tools such as DALL-E and Firefly, it is more typical for the platforms themselves to showcase in-house generated prompts, rather than those originating from the user community.

Since its launch, Firefly has been used to generate over 5 billion images, which Adobe touts as “most popular image generation model designed for safe commercial use.”

By centralizing and spotlighting user creations through the new gallery, Adobe aims to further catalyze innovation and ideation within its community.

„Adobe Firefly was designed to empower users to bring creative visions to life,“ said Brooke Hopper, Principal Designer at Adobe. „The creative community has always been our source of inspiration and we consider them part of our development team.“

Hopper explains that by giving users more control, the gallery will allow Firefly users to „learn from, get inspired and remix the work of others – sparking new and different ideas they may have never imagined.“

By surfacing standout projects, the platform can incubate previously inconceivable innovations, she says.

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