How This New AI Trading Bot is Outperforming Manual Traders on Solana

How This New AI Trading Bot is Outperforming Manual Traders on Solana

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Trading is becoming more and more popular among people who are trying to invest in the digital assets of the crypto world. Many traders are still doing all the work themselves. However, manual trading demands a lot of time and work from the user.

For example, keeping track of the market, checking the coin history before investment, putting the trade-in for the perfect time, and being aware of the price 24/7. Even after so much work, you only get a 50% chance of getting success with your trade.

But, with this new AI trading bot called AlgosOne, you can outperform manual trading by a huge margin while not dealing with any sort of stress or work. AlgosOne provides you the comfort of AI automating your trade for you so that you get a reported success rate of 80% with the trades.


You can check it for yourself with this 14-day free trial of AlgosOne.

AlgosOne’s AI capability and automation already put it above manual trading. However, manual traders use their personal projections and knowledge, which sometimes lacks the accuracy of analysis that an AI model is capable of when it comes to Solana trading.

Solana, by nature, is a volatile coin that provides higher returns for an investment if you make trades on time. Solana has been on a rise in its price, suggesting brilliant returns on trade due to the regained popularity of meme coins in March. A manual trader will miss out on many opportunities to invest and make good returns on the Solana trade due to reasons like limited market knowledge, wrong analysis of the trends, and many more.

However, with AlgosOne’s advanced AI technology, the bot is able to predict the price difference by conducting a risk analysis and placing automated trades on time for the higher returns.

Additionally, AlgosOne continuously refines its risk management strategies with each trade to minimise exposure and optimise returns. Hence, it enables you to get all the trades done from the comfort of your home with only 5 minutes of your time, and you will just be checking your returns in those 5 minutes.

AlgosOne operates under an EU-issued license, which makes it more secure for beginners. The automated trading feature and easy-to-enter approach make it accessible to everyone.

Now, you must be wondering how to access this AI trading bot and how it works.

Worry not! All you need to start using AlgosOne is a small 300-dollar deposit, and you will be assigned a trading tier that will provide you additional points and access to the automatic trading feature. You do not have to create any strategy, conduct market research, or assess risks for a trade. AlgosOne handles all that for you by using the neural network and LLMs to analyse the market.

The LLM has been trained on a vast dataset, so it already knows the price history for each coin and can draw market comparisons right away. Hence, it can identify the positioning of the coin in the market.

Meanwhile, the neural network helps AlgosOne analyse all the data and make a trading decision. After that, it triggers the auto-hedging feature, runs a risk analysis, and deploys your trade, which has an 80% success rate.

All of these complex processes happen within seconds. If you want to see the results of the AI processing yourself with AlgosOne, then check out its 14-day free trial.

After depositing the required amount, you will have to decide your risk preference. The risk preference allows the bot to understand what type of trade you want. If you select a low-risk preference, then the bot will go for trades that have a higher success rate.

AlgosOne provides three types of trades based on your risk preference:

Auto Approved Trades

AlgosOne does everything for you! Based on market trends, it picks what to trade, how much, and when to buy or sell. The trade is executed automatically, so you don’t need to lift a finger.

1- Click Approved Trades

AlgosOne suggests a trade (what, how much, and buy/sell), but you have to hit “Approve” within a certain timeframe for the trade to go through.

Trading Bank Trades

Got extra trading credits (earned through referrals, promotions, etc.)? Use them to execute a trade instantly (no waiting for a signal) on top of your regular tier’s trades.

Once you select your risk preferences, all you have to do is sit back and watch the trades be successful!

The trading tiers are your gateway to accessing AlgosOne. Each trading Tier provides you with a limited number of Auto-Approved trades/Day and 1-click Approved Trades/Day. It basically works like a subscription, but you don’t pay anything upfront.

The following table provides information about each trading tier, the deposit amount to achieve that tier, and the number of automated trades you get per day:

Trading TierDeposit AmountAuto Approved Trades / Day1-Click Approved Trades / Day1$300132$1,000143$3,000254$10,000385$25,0004126$50,0005157$100,0007158$250,000959$500,00011310$1,000,000151

How Much Does AlgosOne Charge?

AlgosOne doesn’t charge any additional fee or entry fee. It simply works on a commission basis for every winning. The commissions are decided based on your trading tier.

Following is the table for the commission fees for each trading tier:

Trading TierTotal Profit % / YearCommission Fee %115-2520220-3020325-3520430-4520540-5520645-6520760-8020875-10017985-1201510100-15012

AlgosOne uses half of its commission to improve and run the operations smoothly. However, the other half of the commissions go to the AlgosOne Reserve Fund.

AlgosOne cares about its users, and The AlgosOne Reserve Fund ensures that users are protected against any sort of loss that occurs due to technical errors. Server overloads, hacker attacks, or sudden market crashes can cause these errors.

The complexities of the crypto world can make even the genius traders question themselves. The constant fluctuations in the prices of every single coin make it nearly impossible for manual traders to achieve the level of precision and success that AlgosOne provides.

Now you have the option to automate your trading with AlgosOne’s robust and accurate AI-powered trading bot. If you want to start your trading journey successfully, then remember to check out AlgosOne. Now, for a limited time, you can get around 14 days of free trial of AlgosOne.


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