Kevin Hart Swipes $20M NFT in New Netflix Flick

Kevin Hart Swipes $20M NFT in New Netflix Flick

The NFT Taking Over Netflix

Lift’s storyline opens at a Venice art auction, spotlighting a unique NFT by an enigmatic digital artist that goes by the name ‘N8’. The auctioneer reveals N8’s presence, breaking his anonymity to auction this one-of-a-kind asset. 

What sets the NFT apart includes dynamically generating art from a 30-second live feed, capturing both its sale and the buyer, all while being influenced by Van Gogh’s style.

Amidst the excitement, Cyrus Whitaker (Hart) — head of a group posing as art lovers but actually thieves — starts bidding at $12 million and secures the NFT for $20 million. The team’s scheme involves stealing the NFT and abducting N8 to inflate its value.

Following the artist’s kidnapping, they sell the NFT for a staggering $89 million, leveraging the incident’s notoriety to enhance its worth.


NFTs in TV Content Creation

In the entertainment industry, a notable shift is occurring with the progressive integration of NFTs and crypto. The upcoming TV series ‘Killer Whales’ by HELLO Labs exemplifies this trend. Further evidence of this movement is seen in ‘Krapopolis‘, an NFT-backed television series created by the creative mind behind ‘Rick and Morty’.

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