Market Clarity: Multiple Bitcoin ETF Addresses Disclosed To The Public


Blockchain research platform Arkham Intelligence has revealed the on-chain addresses of several Bitcoin Spot Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), in the pursuit of transparency within the crypto community.

Bitcoin ETF Addresses Unveiled By Arkham

Marcel Knobloch, also known as Collin Brown, an XRP enthusiast, shared the information with the community on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). According to Brown, the blockchain analytics firm released on-chain locations for four distinct Bitcoin ETFs such as Blackrock, Fidelity, Bitwise, and Franklin Templeton.

In the X post, Brown highlighted a breakdown of each company’s current Bitcoin holdings and value. His post was also accompanied by a screenshot and links from Arkham for further details.

BTC Spot ETFs addresses by Arkham | Source: Collin Brown on X

According to Brown, the IBIT iShares Bitcoin Trust has about 28,620 BTC, which is estimated to be worth $1.16 billion. He also asserted that the Fidelity Wise Origin Fund has about 29,910 BTC holdings, valued at approximately $1.21 billion.


He identified the BITB Bitwise Bitcoin ETF with a holding of 10,150 BTC, valued at approximately $422.68 million. Meanwhile, the EZBC Franklin Bitcoin ETF holds 1,160 BTC, which is worth about $47.09 million.

The latest disclosures occur some months after Arkham asserted in September last year to have the addresses of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) identified. GBTC stands as the largest holder of BTC among ETF issuers, with 558,280 BTC, valued at $29 billion.

This information from Arkham Intelligence is significant for the entire crypto space. This is because it provides a clear overview of these institutional firm’s on-chain operations for both individual investors and market watchers.

The true market influence and holdings of these financial firms have always been difficult to determine due to their traditional secrecy. With such disclosure, there will be a thorough knowledge of the institutional crypto movements and their impact on the market.

With its action, Arkham has signaled a shift in the crypto investments industry toward increased transparency and accountability. The need for such openness is expected to rise as the sector develops, creating a path for more educated and data-driven investment choices.

Need For More On-Chain BTC ETF Address Revelation

The recent development tends to put Arkham in the spotlight, as the firm becomes the “first to publicly identify these addresses.” The revelation has sparked excitement within the crypto community, with members expressing gratitude to the platform for its actions.

A lot of crypto enthusiasts have been urging Bitcoin ETF providers to disclose the addresses supporting their products to guarantee the security of BTC. A few industry watchers even proposed that to increase competition, ETF providers will eventually need to reveal those addresses.

However, security concerns have been raised by some executives about the disclosure of Bitcoin ETF’s on-chain addresses.

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