Starbucks Announce Closure of Odyssey NFT Rewards Program

Starbucks Announce Closure of Odyssey NFT Rewards Program

Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, has announced the closure of its NFT rewards program Starbucks Odyssey after two years of service.

Steve Kaczynski, the program lead, shared that the decision comes as the company looks to to re-evaluate their NFT offerings.

The Odyssey Beta program will officially conclude on March 31, and users are encouraged to complete any remaining activities or “journeys” within the program by March 25. Following the closure, there will be no more Benefit Selection Periods for participants, and all accumulated points will expire.

Starbucks plans to send a final benefit to Odyssey members who are Level 1 and above by the end of March.


What is Starbucks Odyssey?

Starbucks Odyssey is the coffee giant’s NFT-based rewards program.

Participants – which are invite-only – can login with their existing Starbucks Rewards account to earn points and digital Journey Stamps through their Starbucks purchases.

These stamps take the form of exclusive NFTs which can be bought, sold or traded – whilst the points can be redeemed for one-of-a-kind benefits.

What happens to Stamps after Odyssey is shut down?

Stamps will remain accessible on Nifty Gateway after Odyssey’s shutdown.

This transition will see the Odyssey marketplace move to the Nifty platform to facilitate continued buying, selling, and transferring of Odyssey stamps. Additionally, members can withdraw their Stamps to an external wallet and engage in trading on other platforms.

Despite discontinuing the Odyssey NFT Program, Starbucks assures its members that they remain attentive to the community’s needs and is dedicated to providing avenues for members to connect in the future.

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