Why Ondo Finance Targets $15 Trillion Tokenized Securities Market

How Ondo Finance Aims to Capture a $15 Trillion Tokenized Securities Market

Ondo Finance, a leading US-based tokenized securities provider, has announced its expansion into the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. 

This step is seen as a pivotal development in the company’s mission to address the increasing demand for US asset exposure through tokenized products.

Ondo Finance Announces APAC Expansion

Ondo Finance’s expansion into the APAC market is a major milestone, given its nearly 40% global market share. Indeed, the new APAC office is set to capitalize on its strong presence in tokenized securities. The firm plans to offer innovative products like OUSG, OMMF, and USDY.

Specifically, OUSG offers exposure to US Treasuries, OMMF to US money market funds, and USDY presents a yield-bearing alternative to traditional stablecoins. These products grant investors access to US Treasuries and money market funds.


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Nathan Allman, the founder and CEO of Ondo Finance, emphasized the active and growing crypto community in Asia. He noted the region’s appreciation for high-quality US asset exposure. 

“We’re very excited about our expansion into APAC. There is an active and rapidly growing crypto community and an appreciation for the type of high-quality exposure to US assets that our tokens provide,” Allman said. 

Ondo Finance strategically planned the expansion into new markets, aligning with the forecasted boom in asset tokenization. Furthermore, Outlier Ventures’ “Tokenising Real World Assets 2024 Thesis” predicts that by the end of the decade, the market for real-world asset tokenization could reach $10 to $15 trillion.

Real World Asset Tokenization Report. Source: BCG

Jasper De Maere, research lead at Outlier Ventures, underscored the wide-ranging impact of this technology. He noted its transformative potential across diverse financial markets, manufacturing, healthcare, and infrastructure sectors.

“You have the likes of Franklin Templeton, for example. They’re tokenizing debt and treasury, and they’re putting them on chain for execution efficiencies and transparency gains. You have other asset managers like WisdomTree and, recently, Brevan Howard as well, who are looking to tokenize their funds,” De Maere explained.

The benefits of tokenization, as outlined by De Maere, include increased accessibility and liquidity for financial products, real estate, and art, coupled with enhanced transparency and security through blockchain technology. These advantages resonate with Ondo Finance’s objectives and financial services approach.

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Furthermore, Ondo’s expansion coincides with HTX’s launch of ONDO/USDT perpetual futures, showcasing the growing interest and acceptance of tokenized securities in financial markets.


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