Wu-Tang Clan Icon Set to Bring Music to Bitcoin Ordinals

Wu-Tang Clan Icon Set to Bring Music to Bitcoin Ordinals

Famed hip-hop artist Ghostface Killah — a pivotal figure from Wu-Tang Clan — is tuning into the Bitcoin scene with a music-centric set of Ordinal Inscriptions.

Hailing from New York City, Ghostface Killah (Dennis David Coles) has teamed up with Nakamotos on BTC, Rare Scrilla, and OrdinalsBot to bring his music to the Bitcoin network. 

Ghostface Killah expressed his enthusiasm for these Ordinals on X: My guy [Jason Williams] put us on to the culture, and the rest was history. I got more grails coming with Nakamotos On BTC.”

In another announcement, the rapper enthusiastically revealed the music NFTs will feature 10,000 items, offering free minting and Creative Commons IP rights to the tracks — the Bitcoin way. 


Launch details and waiting list info remain secretive, yet whispers in the Ordistorians Telegram hint at a NakaPepe v2 inscription as the key to unlock them. 

Source: X (Ghostface Killah)

Redefining Media on Bitcoin

The technology behind recursive inscriptions — born from the BRC-69 standard — opens a new realm of possibilities. The token enables inscriptions to host a wide array of media formats, from apps and games to music and films.

OrdinalsBot’s strategy director, Toby Lewis, has sparked enthusiasm about the partnership. He highlights Ordinals’ cutting-edge potential to integrate high-quality audio straight into the Bitcoin blockchain, marking a significant leap forward.

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Interestingly, this isn’t the rapper’s first venture into the web3 realm. In 2017, he aimed to launch a web3 enterprise named ‘Cream Capital,’ with the goal of raising $30 million through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)—a popular move among celebrities then. 

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