India Steams Ahead with NFT Train Tickets for Holi Rides

India Steams Ahead with NFT Train Tickets for Holi Rides

Travelers on board the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation’s (IRCTC) high-velocity Tejas Express services will soon be issued cutting-edge NFT train tickets. 

During the Holi season — a colorful festival celebrating Hinduism from March 20 to April 2 — riders of trains 82501 and 82502 can embrace blockchain-powered ticketing. 

IRCTC recently laid out the dual of this initiative on X, saying, “These tickets are not merely digital souvenirs; they are a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of Lucknow and Delhi.” 

Source: IRCTC

Enhancing Ticket Authenticity and Traceability

IRCTC partners with NFTtrace for this integration, using the Hyperledger blockchain and smart contracts to streamline ticketing, enhance traceability, and boost ticket authenticity confidence.


Consequently, this tech-savvy strategy not only updates the ticketing infrastructure but also instills unprecedented security and clarity, guaranteeing a dependable and streamlined experience during an important time for Hinduism followers.

Considering IRCTC’s substantial volume of over 1.2 million bookings per day, the railway company’s introduction of NFT ticketing may significantly influence the broader implementation of blockchain technology. 

Notably, this strategy reflects a broader trend in the travel sector, whereby airlines like airBalti and  All Nippon Airways similarly embrace NFTs. 

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